About Professional Dry cleaning London Laundry Service

We’ve been in the dry cleaning business a long time – 26 years to be exact. We have provided a professional Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service in London since 1991. We successfully outperform the competition by providing the highest-quality service with a personal touch at an affordable price. Our local service saves you time while letting us do all that hard work.
  • certified

    100% Quality Guarantee

    At MintKlean the dry cleaning & laundry work we undertake is of the highest quality with customer satisfaction as our primary objective. We inspect every garment that comes through our doors – before, during and after cleaning.

    Any stains on your garments will be removed without risk of damage, cleaned thoroughly in our eco-friendly machinery, pressed and hand finished and given a final check before being packed up for on-time delivery.

    We offer uncompromising customer service and we stand by our 100% Quality Guarantee and that’s our promise.

  • londoneye

    Local in-house service in East London

    Unlike many of our competitors we are a specialist dry cleaning company with our own managed central processing facilities. All garments are cleaned at our local facility in East London to ensure the highest quality service.

    Your garments will be returned to you damage free. We use only the best quality cleansers to ensure stains are removed with utmost care, and are personally checked by our quality control team.

    Your garments will be given the ultimate pressing with our Hoffman Presser, then hand finished by one of our experienced and meticulous team.


Cleaner & greener

We work with the environment in mind – no harsh chemicals.

We use Eco friendly cleaning methods with a non-toxic, odourless, silicone-based liquid. It is less abrasive and cleaning is gentler on your clothes compared to harsh petrochemicals used by other dry cleaners. It has also been proven to help protect against wear, shrinkage and colour fade.

We strive to reduce all dry cleaning waste by using other recyclable and reusable materials throughout our operations. We do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint. We use the latest Eco Friendly machinery, and all of our garment covers are biodegradable.

We are always looking for innovative ways to minimise the impact on our planet without creating additional costs to our customers.

  • piggybank

    Simple and affordable

    Our flexible system means that you can simply hand us your laundry or dry cleaning and let us invoice you, or you can pay up front.

    Our affordable services saves you both time and money so that you’re free to get on with the more important things in life!

    And if you’re not able to pick up your garments, we can drop them off to you.

  • customerservice

    Unrivalled customer service

    We aim to be the very best, and one of our team is always at hand to help you with your needs and questions (between the hours 7am – 7pm).

  • shop

    Drop into our shop in Canary Wharf

    Our shop in canary wharf is conveniently located to provide a convenient local dry cleaning and laundry service. Nearest station is DLR Crossharbour lanark square E14.