Door to Door Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service in London

MintKlean has been a professional dry cleaning & laundry service in London since 1991. The work we undertake is of the highest quality and our customers satisfaction is our primary objective.
We are a specialist dry cleaning company and all garments are cleaned at with our own managed central processing facilities in East London.
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    Dry Cleaning

    We provide superb dry cleaning, and tailoring for all your garments.

    Whether its a wool suit, a silk dress or a formal tuxedo- our eco friendly methods return your clothes at their very best, with no chemical odours

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    Professional Shirt Service

    We ensure that your shirts look crisp and sharp for that professional edge.

    Shirts are laundered and pressed to a high standard to
    ensure that they are stain free and fresh for
    comfort as well as style.

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    Wash & Fold Laundry

    The wash & fold bag contains your everyday laundry that can be washed in a washing machine.

    These items will not be ironed. You can include all standard clothing and domestic laundry, excluding bedding and towels

    Each garment is personally pretreated for stains and inspected to ensure the highest quality.

    Items are not pressed, but returned to you well folded for minimum of creasing, and as fresh as your own laundry.

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    From trouser shortening to button replacement and zip adjustments, mintklean carry out bespoke repairs tailored to your specific garment requirements.

    All clothing alterations and repairs are carried out at your local depot , providing a quick turnaround service.

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    Linen Laundry Service

    We offer a wash and fold service for your sheets sets and towels. These will be laundered.

    We also clean duvets and pillows – both polyester and feather.

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    Speciality Cleaning

    We provide excellent care for your cherised expensive garments with specialised care needs, including leather and suede garments.

    (Specialist cleaning takes 7-8 working days)


Corporate Service

We provide a corporate cleaning services for all garments, including free collection and delivery. A full range of alterations and repairs are carried out by a highly experienced team of tailors with over 25 years in the industry.

Our dry cleaning process
Garments are brought to the facility on collection. All garments are ‘pre-spotted’ for stains and appropriate treatment applied. Garments are then pressed & hand finished for superior results.

The garments are post-checked at quality control. Here we look for loose hems, threads and buttons, and check that stains have been removed. The items are then pressed to our high standard and packed ready for delivery back to the clients. This is audited for compliance.

We use the most modern, eco-friendly machinery and equipment housed within the facility to ensure the best possible results.

We also offer a ‘wet-cleaning’ service, a non-ozone destroying and safer cleaning method as a greener alternative. Wet cleaning is an incredibly effective method of cleaning all kinds of fabrics and textiles. This is done with eco-friendly solutions, which are not dependant on the need for harsh chemicals while delivering superior cleaning results. This will ensure that the company continues with its green policy and will comply with all future legislation.

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